East San Antonio, TX Homes for Sale

The AT&T Center is a Star attraction for fans of all sports but the San Antonio Spurs kick it to the next level!


East San Antonio

For those moving to San Antonio, the east side offers quite a lot for both single people and families. Here’s a bit more about this area and what you can expect when moving here.


The east side of San Antonio has many opportunities. This hosted the 50th Anniversary of the PGA Golf Championship and actress Joan Crawford once lived here. Another famous resident was New York Congressman Percy Sutton. Some other notables include actress Paula Prentiss and soap star Al Freeman.


There’s plenty of jobs here for those that need work. The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is a good employer as well as the Freeman Coliseum. There’s plenty of shops and malls for work opportunities in the area. The AT&T Center is also another good employer. There’s plenty of places that can assist you with finding a job such as Alamo City Employment or Labor on Demand.

Things to Do

The east side of the city features many diverse things to do. There’s the Hays Street Bridge, which is a land bridge that connects the downtown area to the east side and there’s many outdoor activities here along with biking and walking opportunities. One landmark is the Mission Revival Style Southern Pacific Passenger Depot. The Elizabeth Bowen Nelson House is another historic landmark in the area. It was owned by the daughter of John Bowenwho was first San Antonio postmaster andthe owner of Bowen’s Island.  At Historic Government Hill, the incarceration of the Geronimo, a famous Indian leader from the old West took place. The Bullis House Inn is another historic landmark and you’ll find the San Antonio International Hostel located here.


There’s plenty of high schools, and elementary schools in the area for students to attend. The Brooks Academy of Science and Learning is found in this area. You’ll need to go to other place areas of city to find a good college or University such as Texas A&M. The Alamo Quarry Market is here along with the Rolling Oaks Mall for shopping opportunities. There’s many hospitals and medical centers located nearby for quality healthcare.


You will find the neighbourhood of Windcrest to be quite interesting as it has extravagant Christmas light displays during the holidays. The suburb of Chine Grove is famous as it’s the title of a Doobie Brothers song about the area. Twenty five percent of the buildings in government Hills are classified as historic which is higher than most other districts in the country. Knob Hill is a new area where many people are moving to. Dignowity Hill is another area where you’ll find affordable housing. There’s many apartments as well as single and multi family housing units available throughout the east side of the city.


There’s a lot going on in the east side of San Antonio and it offers plenty for new residents to do. You’ll find affordable living and plenty of job opportunities in the area. The area is rich in history and close to the downtown area of San Antonio.